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Jones antiques

Welcome to Jones Antiques

Winner of the Best of the Best Antique Stores

Legacy Award

Step Right In !

Step up to the bar

Steampunk Guitar

Antique Airplane Propeller

The Bunker

Militaria Militaria Militaria

Inventory Abounds in The Bunker

Handgun Selection

WWII German Daggers

Jones Antiques

The Bunker

Star Wars

Vintage Movie Posters

Steampunk Guitar-1

Cases & Cases of Smalls

Western Quick Draw Holsters

WWII German Medals

Oak Fireplace Mantle

Handgun Selections

Navy Jacket

Military Uniforms

Oak Sideboard

Gas Mask

More Handguns

Medals & Smalls

Shell Lamp

International Harvester MI Garand Rifle

Records Records Records

More Medals

Rifle Collection

Bench MuZzle Loading Rifle

More Medals


History Memorabilia

Bronze Deer

Daggers Bayonets Etc

Swords & Memorabilia

The Bunker Rifles

Charlie Daniel's Signed Guitar

Early Propeller Circa 1930's

Antique Handgun Collection

Bronze Art Deco Statue

What Time Is It.......Time to go Antiquing!

Frank Loyd Wright Style Table

Original J. Roybal Painting.......Massive Size

Oak Highboy

Oak Liquor Cabinet

Sleigh Bed

Every Mancave Needs One!

Over 1000 Comics

Inventory Inventory Inventory

Solid Bronze Cowboy Figurine

Vintage 1950's Mardigras Float Masks

Visit Pauls Die Cast Cars

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