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Welcome to Jones Antiques

Winner of the Best of the Best Antique Stores

Meet The Owners Rick Karen & David

Meet The Owners Rick & David

Legacy Award

The Bunker

1919 Browning with Tripod

The Bunker Gallery

The Bunker

WWII Spitfire Canopy

Bedside Chest


Chest & Vintage Phonograph

The Bunker

Jones Antiques Uniques

Records Records Records

Oak Hall Tree

Lots of Tin Toys

Large Floor Globe

We Are Patriotic "Go America"

Ivory Eagle (Pre Ban Circa 1930's)

Elton John Style Table

Art Art Art

Vintage Tube Amps

Charlie Daniels Signed Fiddle

Welcome to Jones Antiques

Vintage Icebox St Louis Worlds Fair

Lots of Smalls

Handgun Rifles Shotguns

Knives Knives Knives

Art Deco

More Wall Art

First of Two Floors of Inventory

Heart of Jones Antiques

Antique Gun Display (The Bunker)

Gun Display in The Bunker

More Bunker Displays

Pirates Cove in The Bunker

Pirates Cove in The Bunker

Guns Guns Guns

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